For the Love of Pixar's Q & A Session with Pixar Veteran Matthew Luhn

We recently had a Q & A sesh with veteran Pixar Animator and Story Artist Matthew Luhn. We talked about his work at Pixar, Toy Story, and of course, his favorite characters. See his answers to our questions below.

Matthew Luhn teaching the art of story.

Matthew Luhn teaching the art of story.

(Q). You first joined Pixar when computer animation was in its infancy. What was that like?

(A). It was exciting. Every day we were discovering new tricks or techniques on how to bring our characters to life through a computer! It was all brand new.

(Q). Over the years you made the transition from Animator to Story Artist. It's obvious that somewhere along the way you discovered that storytelling was more than a hobby for you. For those having a difficult time pinpointing their passion, what are some indicators they should look for in the discovery phase?

(A). Follow your bliss! If you're doing a job you don't enjoy, then something needs to change. Ask yourself what you really want do, then follow it with all your heart.

(Q) Stories (especially those that are animated) go through a lot of rewrites as they are developed. Of the numerous Pixar film(s) you worked on, which one changed the most? And why?

Toy Story 2, 1999.

Toy Story 2, 1999.

(A) Toy Story 2 went through the most changes because it started off as a direct to video movie. We storyboarded and restoryboarded Toy Story 2 at least 20 times. But in the end, we believe it turned out great.

(Q) The Pixar universe is full of characters we can relate to. Is there one particular character you identify with the most? Why?

(A) I would say I'm a blend between Marlin and WALL-E. I'm a dad, so I can identify with Marlin's overprotective personality. As for WALL-E's personality, I'm also a hopeless romantic at heart like him.

(Q) What person, place OR thing is inspiring you right now?

(A) The thing that is inspiring me the most right now, is how people and companies are using storytelling to make a positive impact on the world.

(Q) In August, For the Love of Pixar is hosting a workshop with you as the instructor. Who is this workshop for and what kind of things will they learn?

Matthew Luhn teaching the art of story.

Matthew Luhn teaching the art of story.

(A) My workshop in August is for everyone who wants to learn how to craft stories that are memorable, impactful, and personal. From Disney/Pixar enthusiasts, to filmmakers and business people, anyone can benefit from this workshop. To sign-up, click here.

Save the Date: New Art Show February 26th-27th, 2016

For the Love of Pixar returns on Saturday, February 27th, 2016 from 2 PM- 8:30 PM (opening reception Friday, February 26th from 6 PM- 9:30 PM) at 4694 Cape May Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107.

Image by Rachel Ho. Digital Illustration - "Inside Out Comes to Malaysia"

Image by Rachel Ho. Digital Illustration - "Inside Out Comes to Malaysia"

Save the date! Entry is FREE, but everyone is welcome to DONATE A NEW TOY.

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Co-founder of Invisible Children Jason Russell Kicks-off Creative Mornings San Diego

CreativeMornings SD at the Moniker Warehouse.

CreativeMornings SD at the Moniker Warehouse.

CreativeMornings San Diego hosted its first breakfast lecture at the Moniker Warehouse last month. For those of us who scored a seat in the house, we were treated to a helping of delicious pastries, donuts, and freshly brewed coffee. The highlight of course was the talk by Co-founder of Invisible Children Jason Russell.

Read some of my favorite quotes from his talk below and then sit back and watch the 30 minute video.

"Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey have something in common. They were all mistakes. They were all unwanted by their parents."

"When I went on 17 shows in two days...New York, LA...all the top shows. This is what I was being asked... 'How did you make a video go viral?' Not one person from Anderson Cooper to Ann Curry to anyone I talked to, none of them asked, 'How can we help bring back children who have been rapped and turned into child soldiers?'"

"Dr. Martin Luther King, and Gandhi... thousands of people, they would have died for the internet. They would have been amazed. The would have said, 'You're all connected?' What are you going to do with the connectivity?'"

Jason Russell speaks on fighting through the ugly to find beauty within the creative process at CreativeMornings San Diego, January 2015.

Photobooth fun with my creative friends.

Photobooth fun with my creative friends.

This month, CreativeMornings welcomes CEO of the Surfrider Foundation Chad Nelson to the stage. To get details or watch other lectures, make sure to visit CreativeMornings here.